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“If you are a salesperson, entrepreneur, business person, your greatest asset is your time and the BIG ideas that you implement. Your second greatest asset is the tactics from Ace Affinity”

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After 1 month, our clients see an average of 100% increase in profits

When you implement just one of the 10 key operations in our Xccelerate System, a MASSIVE boost in your profits is expected. But when combined with all 10 key operations, we can guarantee scaling your company into the 6 figure range. 

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Thanks to Ace, I have learnt how to automate almost every single aspect of my business. His 3 process method combined with the 10 key operations has giving me a blueprint for my agency... FOR LIFE. I am grateful for your expertise and helpful insights! Keep going strong, D signing out.
David L.
Art is about expression, and Ace has given my studio the voice it desperately needed. We are not just attracting clients, we are building a community of art lovers. My only regret was not discovering Ace earlier. If my business was a blank canvas, Ace has definitely filled in the hard parts!
Kristi W.
Every architect knows the importance of a solid foundation. And that is exactly what i have had in return. Not only have I seen a mega surge in clients, but the quality of my projects have improved greatly. Which has had ripple effects on our company, our team morale has never been higher!
David G.
Numbers do not lie, and the results I have seen since implementing the 'core processes" from Ace Affinity are off the charts. It is like having a secret weapon in a hyper competitive analytic world. And beyond the strategies, the value I have received off one month alone is worth more than a year of "game changer advice" from any other guru on the internet.
Francis B.
I was skeptical at first, but Ace Affinity turned out to be a beacon in the storm we were facing. Our sales have not only been stabilized they have been efficiently optimized for Xponential growth. The best part? The community Ace invites is well-connected and inspires entrepreneurs to win and thrive. It is not just about marketing; it's about transforming your business through implementing "Affinity Methods".
Ben C.
I have always had a tough time creating a story for my vision. I mean, I can create products and help people but when it came to actually selling and advertising my products...I was lost. Until Ace helped me, he even made me a very simple "story telling" template to help me where I fell short. And because of this my confidence has started to shine, I have finally stepped into the shoes I always wanted to be in. Thank you.
Jess K.

You got questions? We have answers.

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions

Can you explain the process of setting up and optimizing a sales funnel for my business?


Depending on the packages you decide on, we will first start by taking all of the necessary details of your company, that is your mission, target audience, and revenue goals. From this, our team will go to the workbench and formulate a plan for you to start, grow, and scale your brand. This will be our Xcelerate system infused with the most up-to-date strategies and ideal actions to increase your brand profits. Once you agree on this plan, one by one we will start implementing our 10 Key operations for sustainable business success. And to be profitable you only need one of these key operations in play, the more you can add to your business the more information and analytics you will accumulate. Where you can take the KPIs find the market trend patterns and make highly informed decisions for your FUTURE strategies and brand new processes.

Can you explain any additional costs that might be associated with your services?

It is a BIG deal to us that we have constant and clear communication with all of our current clients. So if there are any additional costs, you will be made aware and agree on the prices with us. In this way, if you are not happy you are able to strike a deal with us and we will meet you in the middle. It is worth noting that we do normally start pricing our low-ticket products such as “email automation” for the first few months. After the results are matched the pricing may increase at a fair rate. The only additional costs we may have are when you decide to ramp up your brand and do A/B split tests, which is by far the easiest and quickest way to test out and reveal your weak spots. 

How do you provide clients with insights and analytics on the performance of their marketing efforts?

As of right now, we have analyzed thousands of sales funnels. Dissected the ones that did not work, and the ones that did and then figured out how to optimize the specific funnel designs. Through our initial “trial and error” phase we were able to iron out any deficiency in our strategies and approaches. Giving you “plug and play” options based on positive revenue analytics. However it is worth noting that your specific business is unique, it is different and therefore has to go through its own “trial and error” phase first. This is where we take the KPI’s analysis and improve your funnel through direct customer feedback. We use metrics such as bounce rates, conversions, email opens, and so on. This list exponentially grows as we implement more of the 10 Key operations.

How do you ensure that all the services (funnels, copywriting, social media) work together cohesively?

We have a team in each section of marketing. Copywriting, social media, sales funnels, and so on. This means that our experts can focus on what they are good at, and spend time refining and optimizing your products. At the same time, they will work closely with you and me (Cameron McAllister – CEO) to create a flawless system for you. We want you to be making money while you sleep!

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