The one thing I cannot do for you

Out of everything on this planet, I can help you with almost anything.

But there is ONE thing that I cannot do for you, 

It governs whether you move forwards or backwards.

If you are fast or slow, happy or sad, and so on. 

And this is the most important aspect of life, and who you should aim to become. 

I can tell you that your ability to harness and hone your skills in this single most important factor will change your life. 

“I want to change my life, what is it?”


Your ally, enemy, and your eternal companion. 

In essence, time is your greatest resource.

Now are you efficient or are you slow?

If you are going for success, you need to increase your work momentum and be QUICK. 

Remember that speed causes breakthroughs so it is all up to you. 

Is your time valuable or cheap?

The faster you move through time the more you SEE.

You have to know that time is what moves everything in life. 

We are all captive to time, 

Cars, people, space, ABSOLUTELY everything we see and hear. 

Now FUNDAMENTALLY time decides if you live or die… 

Time decides your results, and if you think I am lying QUICKLY remind yourself of Newton’s third law. 

Each and every single force on the planet has an equal and opposing force. So if you push yourself to the limits you will find desirable results.

Now I ask again, do you spend your time like a wealthy person or a peasant?

If you spend your time in the most efficient manner, 

Your QUALITY compounds. 

Knowledge accumulates and is distributed in whatever way you see fit. 

Step into the unknown and learn the realities that you could create. 

Only once you have figured out how to utilize TIME efficiently will you be able to learn how to MANIPULATE it. 

Cheap dopamine or rich dopamine. 

Are you frying your dopamine on short-form videos like TikTok? 


Are you using your time on something tangible, or anything else that will at least be more valuable than ‘time wasted’

Learn the realities you could create, if only you had the self-discipline strong enough to get what you want. 

You need to reverse engineer what path you need…

Take the forms of repulsion, such as pain, problems, and failures, and turn them into a fuel that cannot be messed with. This is what keeps your engine running. 

Find out how to readjust and then find a way to become magnetized to the outcome. 

The better you can align information the easier it becomes to connect. 

Pick you side…